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Thank you for considering adopting an animal from us

Please read through the following information, which explains the adoption process and should hopefully answer any questions you may have.

All animals available at the Centre are advertised on our Find a Pet page, but only if we do not have matching potential adopters already registered with us.  We can only deal with adoptions for animals at our Cornwall Branch, so please check the listing gives us as the location.  We cannot move animals to other Centres nearer a potential adopter’s home, or bring animals here from any other location.

Firstly, you will need to submit a Perfect Match form for the relevant species to register your interest – see links to each form further down the page.  This can be completed online without needing to download and print.  The online form links to our Centre database so looks different to this page.  When you hit “submit” the information you enter uploads direct to us, so there is no need to email anything.  You should receive email confirmation of your submitted form, but these sometimes go into “Spam” so please check.


Only the animals currently available for rehoming are shown on our Find a Pet page.  At any time, we have many more at the Centre going through assessments in preparation for new homes.  We encourage you to complete a form even if there is no specific animal which currently matches your needs.  When we have new animals available, we check through saved applications for potential matches before listing our them on the website.  If you appear to be a good match, you will be contacted to discuss the animal.

Start the Adoption Process

If you see a pet that you would like to adopt, please complete the relevant form (below) to give us information on the home and family environment you can offer.  You can use this form even if there are no animals currently matching your needs. Forms are retained on our records for 3 months.  Please ensure you use the correct form for the type of animal.

  • Cats and Kittens – Click HERE
  • Dogs and Puppies – Click HERE
  • Rabbit – Click HERE
  • Small Animals – Click HERE

As we cannot currently carry out physical home checks, you need to provide photos of your home and garden, and in the case of small animals, the pen or housing you can provide for them. You can upload these to the online form before you click ‘submit’.  If you have any problem completing the online form, we can send you a copy by email or post to complete and return, but this can sometime delay your application.

If you live in rented accommodation, we also need written confirmation from your Landlord or housing provider of permission to keep pets. You can photograph this and attach to the online form, but the form does not allow attachments of PDFs or Word documents.

If you need to add information (more photos, landlord consent etc) or amend any details on a Perfect Match form you have already submitted, please use the link below.  It is important that you use the same name and contact information as your original form, so that we can add to your existing application on our system.

Adoption application – additional information/amendment form

We often receive a large number of applications for the same pet and therefore need to short-list the homes offered.  It is not always possible to contact everyone who has applied, so if you haven’t heard back within 7 working days this means that we have been unable to progress your application at this time.

When you submit your form, you will receive an automatic acknowledgment to the email address you included, which is confirmation that the form has been received.  These sometimes get routed to “Spam”, so please check.   We are also notified of all new applications on our Centre database for our staff to review.

Please note:  We assess all forms received but are unable to respond individually to each application at the time of receipt. 

 If you haven’t specified a particular animal you are interested in, we will contact you when we match you to an animal.

  This might not be straight away, but all outstanding applications are retained for 3 months.

Please do not ‘phone the centre to check on progress or to ask whether we have received the form

Thank you

Finding the Right Match

When we receive your form, the information will be checked against the assessed needs of the animal you are interested in.  One of our staff may ring to discuss any specific points. If both parties agree that your home may be suitable, a video call may be arranged to introduce you to the animal or an appointment offered to meet in person.

In most cases, we also like a dog to meet all regular members of the household.  Some dogs will require several visits in order to establish a bond with potential owners, or may need ongoing support and input from our Behavioural Specialist to ensure they settle into their new home easily.  We may also have restriction on certain animals only being adopted locally, to ensure we can maintain contact and support with them and their new owners.  We aim to make the adoption process as easy as possible for both animal and new owner, but it can take time to ensure everything is in place to achieve this.   The animal’s needs always come first, so please do not expect to take them home on your first visit.

If you have a resident dog or one that visits you regularly and are looking to adopt a dog, you will also need arrange a “dog meet” at the Centre.  We request you please bring the vaccination card for your current dog to this appointment.

If you have not expressed interest in a specific animal, your application will be stored electronically and will be given “tags” to filter the search criteria when we have animals looking for specific homes.

Making the Decision

After meeting with the animal as many times as is necessary, and discussing anything else you need to know, we ask you to review all the information then ring us the following day to confirm if you wish to proceed.  If everything is successful, we will contact you to arrange a date and time for the adoption.

Collecting your new pet

Due to Covid restrictions, we are arranging some adoptions on a delivery basis, with our staff bringing the animal to you.  This will be discussed during the adoption process. On adoption day, you will be asked to pay the relevant adoption fee (see below). We reserve the right to vary these fees, but you will be advised of any changes in advance.

We can supply leads, collars, harnesses, bowls, cat litter and foods at competitive rates and you can add the cost of anything you choose to purchase to your adoption payment.

A few weeks after you have adopted your new pet, we will call you to ensure all is well. We are always available to offer advice and support.

Adoption Fees

  • Cats and kittens = £70
    • 30% discount when homing 2 cats or kittens together
  • Dogs
    • Puppies up to 4 months = £200
    • Over 4 months and adult dogs = £150
  • Rabbits = £30
    • 30% discount when homing a pair of rabbits
  • Guinea pigs = £20
    • 30% discount when homing a pair of guinea pigs
  • Chinchillas =£50
    • 30% discount when homing a pair of chinchillas
  • Rodents (mice, rats, gerbils etc) = £5-£10
    • 30% discount for multiple rodents
  • Domestic/Caged Birds
    • £5 – £20
  • Ferrets = £30
    • 30% discount when homing a pair of ferrets
  • Poultry
    • Chickens (hens) = £8
    • Cockerels = £5

We accept cash, debit and credit cards, but unfortunately cannot accept cheques for adoption fees.

The fee helps towards the cost of neutering, vaccinating, micro-chipping, worming, flea treatment and any other medical care needed whilst the animal has been at the Centre.  This also includes a health check prior to your new pet coming home with you. Dogs and cats also receive 1 month’s free insurance with Petplan which can be extended at your cost after this time.

It is a legal requirement for dogs in the UK to be micro-chipped. All cats and dogs re-homed from the Centre are chipped and information will be provided to you. It is important that should your contact details change in future, you notify the chip provider to ensure they have your current address and telephone numbers.

A few things to bear in mind when thinking of taking on a new pet …

If you are about to go away on holiday, please do not consider choosing a new pet until you return.

If your previous pet has recently passed away, please think carefully about whether this is the right time for you to adopt. Everyone copes with emotions differently and taking on a new animal quickly may work for some people. However, it may be better to allow yourself some grieving time before you look for another pet.

If your last dog or cat was elderly, you might not remember how much hard work, attention and training a puppy or kitten demands. Older pets still have much love and companionship to give to their new owners and may be more suitable for you.

We hope the above has helped explain the adoption process, but if you still have any queries,

please do not hesitate to contact us.