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Taking on any pet comes with financial implications and RSPCA Cornwall Branch always recommend Pet Insurance for the unforeseen illness, injuries and accidents that our furry friends can suffer.  There is no NHS for pets, so veterinary treatment can be expensive.

Some Vet Practices run their own schemes where owners can make a monthly payment to help cover consultation fees and certain treatments, so this may help spread the cost.  If you do need urgent and expensive treatment for your pet, you may also be able to arrange a payment plan to spread the cost over instalments, so please speak to your vet immediately if you are struggling to pay.

RSPCA Cornwall Branch run a Welfare Assistance scheme which offers owners on means-tested benefits* a small contribution towards their vet bills.  The Branch finance the cost of the welfare vouchers from our local funds, so we can only offer a small percentage towards vet costs.   If you would like to be assessed for Welfare Assistance, please download form – Welfare Assistance application

In order to qualify for Welfare Assistance, you must provide proof you are in receipt of means-tested benefits* with your application.  Our voucher is made out to your vet, so we are unable to refund you for the cost of any treatment you have already paid for.  Please ask your vet to provide a quote or invoice for the outstanding amount owed to submit with your application.  This will then be sent to our Finance Department for review and a voucher forwarded to you to pass on to your vet.

*  To be considered for Welfare Assistance, you must be in receipt of at least one of the following:

Universal Credit, Working tax credit, Income support, Housing benefit,  Council tax benefit,  Jobseeker’s allowance, Incapacity benefit, Employment support allowance, Guaranteed pension credit


Please Note:  Welfare assistance does not cover the cost of worming or flea medication, vaccination or other routine treatments as these are the responsibility of the owner.  We do not have our own vet at the Animal Centre, so cannot provide any subsidised vet care here.

If you need assistance with the cost of neutering your cat, please see our separate page for details of how to apply for vouchers under our Cat Neutering Scheme.