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If you are a Cornish resident, you can apply for a voucher to have your cat neutered for just £10 at participating vets under our Cat Neutering Campaign.

The cat spay campaign began in 2014 after a decision by Trustees of RSPCA Cornwall Branch to designate funds to tackle the over population of cats in Cornwall.  It was decided to promote the spaying of female cats to help reduce the number of unwanted kittens in the county.  This proved very successful, with a marked reduction in the amount of unwanted litters being brought into our Centre.

Early in 2019, Trustees reviewed the campaign and agreed to allocate funding to expand the voucher scheme to also offer castration of male cats.  From July 2019, we renamed this as the Cat Neutering Campaign.  Un-neutered male cats tend to roam away from home looking to mate, get into fights, road traffic accidents and become long-term strays.  They can also suffer from serious fight wounds and become susceptible to illnesses.  Cats are able to start breeding from as young as 4 months of age and can even mate with their brothers and sisters.  Neutering makes them much healthier and happier pets.

Vouchers are limited to Cornish Residents and we can only issue 2 per household.  When applying you will need to provide proof of your address (utility bill etc) and advise which vets you intend to use as not all practices have signed up to support the scheme.

To apply for a voucher, please write to Cat Neutering Campaign, RSPCA Cornwall, The Venton Animal Centre, Quoit, St Columb TR9 6JS

Remember to include:

  • name, colour and gender of the cat(s)
  • a photocopy of proof of residency 
  • a stamped addressed envelope
  • your contact ‘phone number and
  • say which veterinary surgery you want to use*

* As some vets have not yet signed up to the Cat Neutering Campaign, prior to applying we advise you to contact us to check whether your chosen vet will accept our vouchers.  If necessary, we can usually suggest an alternative vet in your area who does support the scheme.

If you have any queries about the Cat Neutering Campaign, please do not hesitate to contact us.