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Sensory Garden Project

Anyone familiar with our hardworking Maintenance Team at the Centre knows that Jason and Peter do a brilliant job keeping the Centre and grounds safe and tidy.  They are also keen to develop and enhance the facilities we have.  This year they have an exciting new project underway to transform one of our paddocks into a Sensory Garden for dogs.

This will include sounds, scents, textures, different things to climb on, under and through, and generally provide an interesting area for dogs at the Centre to explore.  This can help in reducing anxiety and behaviourial issues.  We can have over 40 dogs here at any time, often from very difficult backgrounds; ill-treated, un-socialised or just abandoned.  Some remain in our care for months, receiving treatment and rehabilitation prior to being adopted by new owners.

The sensory garden will also allow them to experience unusual things in preparation for going to new homes.  Sensory gardens for dogs are a relatively new concept and other rescue centres are creating them with great results.

The groundwork has gone really well in the recent dry weather, and although this is a long-term project, great progress has already been made.  We are keen to receive any donations of materials to help with this and will also be looking for plants, shrubs and other interesting items which can be incorporated into the design.  As the Centre is closed to visitors, if you think you may be able to offer anything to help the project, please give us a call, and we can arrange how to receive any items, whilst maintaining social distancing and safe working.

We will update the page on the website regularly to follow progress.

Thank you everyone

We have been overwhelmed with the lovely “goodies” we have been receiving via our Amazon Wish List.  If you feel you would like to buy a surprise present for the animals at the Centre, or any of the other items on our list that would help us, please click here.  Pick out the item(s) you would like to purchase, pay and your goods will be shipped direct to us.

Our staff love opening the boxes as we never know what is in them and everything is very much appreciated.

Mmmm yummy treats … but what do you mean I have to share them with my cattery mates … ?


Thank you for the lovely toys … now which one should I play with first?

Lots of Felix pouches, thank you so much …