Peace of mind

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If you're worried about what will happen to your beloved pets after you pass away, you might be interested to know that your Will can safeguard their future too – with RSPCA Cornwall Branch's Peace of Mind.

With this service you can rest assured RSPCA Cornwall Branch will be there for your loving animal companions who have given you so much, after you pass on.

Knowing how much they mean to you, we'll do our best to look after your pets and find them new homes. All the animals in our care are given a health check including vaccinations, neutering and microchipping. New owners are checked for suitability and we do follow-up visits too.

All it takes is a simple clause in your Will instructing that care of your pets is handed over to RSPCA Cornwall Branch after your death.

To use this service, all you have to do is complete and return a registration form. You can request more information including what to write in your Will and a registration form from: The Branch Admin Officer, The William & Patricia Venton RSPCA Cornwall Animal Centre, Quoit, St. Columb TR9 6JS.

Please be assured your details will be held securely and in the strictest confidence.

RSPCA Cornwall Branch’s Peace of Mind service offers more than just a home for your pets after your death: it offers you peace of mind too, knowing that you have made arrangements for their care.