RSPCA Golden Oldie Appeal

RSPCA Cornwall Branch is a registered charity that only exists through public support. It costs over £500,000 every year to maintain rehoming facilities at the Venton Animal Centre near St. Columb and pay for the animals' veterinary treatment. Our funds have been depleted due to increasing costs and so we are launching a special Golden Oldie donations appeal highlighting the plight of elderly pets that are brought to us for rehoming.


We believe every animal deserves the second chance of a good home and we welcome these pensioners with their heart breaking stories of loss and abandonment. Some are anxious and bewildered when their owners can no longer take care of them or bereft if they have passed away. After a lifetime of loyalty and devotion these pets find themselves in kennels becoming withdrawn and listless. Others will have been neglected all their life or cruelly treated. Many are in need of typical veterinary care for older animals such as dental or thyroid procedures or longer courses of treatment, sometimes including surgery, before they are ready to be rehomed.

For the Animal Care Assistants, gaining the trust of an old abused dog in order, for example, to bandage the burn injuries inflicted by its owner is a milestone in the recovery process. We see shabby, beaten and despondent animals gradually respond to kindness, an affectionate stroke and gentle words with a grateful lick or purr. We aim to turn each one into a confident pet, eager to become a faithful companion in a loving, forever home, and we are determined to continue our work.

However, this dedicated care drains Branch funds and so we must reach out to the public to ensure we can continue to accept elderly and infirm pets. We ask for donations to be sent to the Golden Oldie Appeal, RSPCA Venton Centre, Higher Quoit, St. Columb, TR9 6JS (cheques payable to RSPCA Cornwall Branch). If a donation can be Gift Aided, we will gladly send the appropriate form. Online donations can be made here