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The following are some of the most frequently asked questions and we hope will answer any queries you may have.  If you still need further information or wish to discuss anything, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Can we look around the kennels?

We are sorry, but the Kennel block is not open to the public. Some dogs do not cope well in a kennel environment and can get upset and stressed with too many people around them; some are loud and “barky”, others are quiet and shy, so you will not see the dog’s real temperament and character in the kennels. If you are interested in adopting a dog, those available are listed on our noticeboard at Reception, on our website under Find a Pet and our facebook page, and are updated regularly as dogs become available. If you see a dog you may be interested in, you can make an appointment to meet them. You are not restricted just to meet one dog, or prevented from applying for any others if the first dog you meet does not suit you. Please see our “How to Adopt” page for more information on the process and how to complete the Perfect Match form to register your interest in rehoming an animal, which is the first step in any adoption.


Why do you charge an adoption fee?

Animals rehomed from the Centre are fully health-checked and where necessary are treated for fleas and worms, vaccinated, neutered and micro-chipped, which are costs that any new owner would need to cover when taking on a pet. Some animals also require more costly treatment like dental work, x-rays and scans or even surgery. Our fees are set to help us recover some of these costs, together with the expense of caring for the animal whilst it has been at the Centre awaiting its new owners.


Why are so many of your dogs listed as “not suitable with young children”?

Dogs come into the Centre for many different reasons. If we have contact with the previous owners, we compile a history of their temperament, likes, dislikes etc. However, many arrive without any idea of their past lives. When we have no knowledge of how they interact with children, we are unable to recommend them to a home with a young family.


Once I am on your list to adopt, can you call me if a suitable animal comes in?

Unfortunately, it is not possible for us to ring everyone who has registered their interest in adopting an animal.  We update our “Find a Pet” list on our website and Facebook page sometimes several times a week, as and when pets become available.  If you do not have internet access to view these, you are welcome to call into the Centre and see the pets available on our noticeboard.  If you are not able to visit, you can ‘phone the Centre to ask about newly available animals and discuss with our Reception team if there is anything that might suit your needs.


Why do I need an appointment to view a pet I would like to rehome?

When you express an interest in rehoming one of our animals, we try to arrange for a member of staff who has been directly involved in its care whilst at the Centre to be available to discuss them with you. They will be able to go through all the history we have on the animal and discuss its particular needs and how it might fit in with your family. Our staff need to allocate time out of their normal daily tasks for this, so to ensure they are available an appointment is necessary. Appointments can be made any day except Wednesdays, between 11.00am and 4.00pm by contacting our Reception team.


I saw a dog in your car park being walked that I am interested in adopting?

At any time, the Centre has a number of dogs available for rehoming, but behind the scenes there are others being assessed, receiving medical treatment etc, and are therefore not ready to leave us just yet. As soon as dogs are considered ready for adoption they will be advertised on our website, but we are unable to reserve them until they have passed all their assessments and health checks.


Someone told me you wouldn’t let them home a dog because they already have a cat, is this true?

Yes and No … as mentioned above, we do not always have the history of the dogs who come into the Centre and although we can assess their temperament and behaviour towards other pets to a point, it is impossible to know whether they would cope being in a home with another animal.  Therefore, if we have no proof that they get on with cats, we would have to decline to home them with a cat. That does not mean we would never have any dogs who would not be able to live with a cat, just that particular dog is not suitable. Please keep an eye on our “Find a Pet” listings for other candidates who might suit your home environment.


My pet needs medical care and I cannot afford the vet bill, can you help?

Owners who are on state benefits can apply to be considered for a contribution towards vet bills under our “Welfare Assistance” scheme. Our Finance Administrator assesses each case individually and we only ever offer a contribution towards the total amount, so cannot fund the whole cost of the vet care. If your application is successful, we may be able to offer a small percentage of the cost of the treatment. We can provide you with a claim form, but we pay the vets themselves via a voucher, so you cannot claim a contribution if you have already paid the vets for the full cost of treatment. We do not have a vet on site and rely on local veterinary support to care for animals at the Centre, so cannot offer any in-house subsidised vet care here.

If you wish to apply for Welfare Assistance, please ring our Reception or email for more information.