Success Stories!

The following information has come from owners who have successfully rehomed an animal from the Venton Centre. If you have a happy or interesting tale to tell, please get in touch.


Someone has to do the work

Mr Tumbles has been with us now for 3 weeks he has well and truly settled in and made himself at home. From the moment we brought him home he has made our family so happy. He loves the children and follows them around everywhere.

Mr. Tumbles resting

We thank the RSPCA Cornwall branch for all their love and kindness they gave to Mr Tumbles and to us during our adoption time, they were so helpful and caring to us all. They do a brilliant job and we are truly grateful to them for bringing Mr Tumbles to his forever home with us.

Nicola, Stuart, Daisy and Oliver Pennicook



We sent some photos and the true story about Pippin, who was adopted by us in May 2004. We thought you might like to see this, but beware get your box of tissues ready.

To see the photos and about Pippins life after adoption please click HERE

Christine Read and Paul Moyle


Max take note!

It has been almost a year since we adopted Max, so we would just like to share a couple of our photos on the website.

Max enjoying ice cream

We are so proud of our little man, we just love him to bits. He is just so well behaved and a very important member of our family. Most of these were taken on his first camping holiday on the Isle of Wight.

Mat and Stacey


Sleep time

Just wanted to let you know that Scoobs has settled in really well. As you can see he has taken over the couch! He's really enjoying sleeping under the covers in our bed with his head on the pillow! Prefers ours to the one we bought for him!

He's really affectionate now and gives us regular head bumps and cuddles. He also likes to stand on shoulders! He's very happy, as are we. He loves going for walks with us in the garden and doesn't go to far which is nice.

Thanks to all at RSPCA. He's awesome.

Laura, Nigel and Scooby



We thought you might like to see some photo’s of the lovely Jasper. He is doing amazingly well and is a relaxed and confident little man, that everybody loves.

To see the photos please click HERE

Lyn Hewitt


Bodger looking happy

Bodger is enjoying his new life in Portwrinkle and he made few friends such as Rosie and Zippy (another rescue dog).

He enjoys to go to the beach every day to meet with his friends and occasional trips to the pub where there are other dogs. However, he still doesn't like cats and he likes to chase them running after them.

He loves sleeping on the sofa and playing chase with Ian. He is a very loving little boy even though sometimes he is very cheeky.....and naughty boy.

Stefania, Ian and Bodger

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