Pippin's Life after Adoption

You told us she was about a year old and we gave her a birthday date of May 31st as that was the date she came home with us.

Hook a Duck game
Pippin 2 or 3 years ago

When she first came to us, Pippin was too frightened to eat and we tried tempting her with all sorts of things. Tried plates, bowls, paper, carpet etc., to see if it was the container that food was in that frightened her. It took several weeks of endless patience to let her see that it was OK to eat food and eat it in a dog food bowl. If we gave her a treat, she would hold on to it, and we could see she was unsure if it was OK to eat it or not. We told her it was OK, it was yummy and so on and eventually she would see that she wasn't going to get hit if she ate whatever we gave her.

It took Pips four years before she would walk in front of us and just as long before she actually asked for her meals. It took her ten years before she would stay out in the garden to sniff around and explore instead of running in quickly after she had spent her pennies etc., even though we were happy for her to stay out longer if she wanted!

Pippin and Puss
Pippin and Puss

She was good as gold from the moment she came home with us. She was never naughty (possibly too scared to be) and we adored her and she loved us so very much too.

Pippin became friends with Puss, a cat that adopted us before Pips arrived. Once when Pippin was out having a walk, on her lead as she was close to a road, another person came along with their dog, also on a lead, which became very fierce and lunged at Pippin. Puss got between the two dogs, to protect Pippin, arched her back and hissed at the dog so the owner then decided to take a wide berth around Pippin and Puss! Our two girls had only known each other just under six months when this happened and we were amazed that Puss went to protect Pippin like that. Just wonderful.

Pippin's early days
Pippin's early days with us

Pippin was cuddled and kissed and loved so very much, gave lots of affection back, which always surprised us as we expected that she might not want to be so friendly with humans after what was done to her in the past.

We are so very pleased that we visited you all those years ago and were introduced to Pippin. She had been with you a month and you had kept her away from other animals because she was so frightened. We were the only people to see her and we visited her a few times after we let you know we would like to have her. So, we think it was fate that Pippin came to us and it gave her the chance to have a long life with people she loved and who loved her so very much too. Thank you for rescuing her and for letting Pippin come into our lives. Sadly she died two weeks ago, aged almost 14 years, and we are devastated. Despite the terrible cruelty Pippin had endured which left her frightened of most everything, she did have a long and very happy life with us with lots of love and affection. We are lost without her and hope she knew she was very much loved.