Our current selection of small animals and birds available:

Please note:

1. The website is updated as often as possible, but all the information about an animal is subject to (often sudden) change due to factors such as - for example - reservation, behaviour of the animal and medical assessments. To avoid disappointment it is always best to check on the availability of an animal (by phone) before visiting the centre .

2. It would be a great help if you did NOT enquire about animals labelled “RESERVED”. Should the rehoming not go ahead the “RESERVED” label will be removed. If you are particularly interested in a reserved animal keep watching the website.

BUCKET - Senior Citizen male Cockatiel

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Bucket is a very dear little chap. He can be wary & shy of people, but in time we hope that he will learn to enjoy human company. We believe Bucket has lived his life as a solitary bird and therefore, may find it extremely stressful to be re-homed with bird friends.

For this reason, he requires a quiet indoor single bird home with the opportunity to introduce him to the outdoors for short periods of time during the summer months. Bucket is a senior citizen now and is very much hoping to find someone who can give him a loving 'retirement' home.

Bucket can live in an adult only home and needs to be the only bird.

GLADYS - 1 year old female Guinea Pig

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Gladys is a super cute little girl although she is slightly shy around new things and surroundings. Dear Gladys didn’t have the best start in life but is quickly learning that being handled is a positive experience.

With further human interaction Gladys will grow in confidence.

Gladys is looking for a home with other guinea pigs and can live with children of secondary school age or older.