Have you lost a pet? Or found one perhaps?

If you have lost a pet:
(Please note that stray dogs are taken care of by the dog warden - see HERE )
Contact your nearest RSPCA centre so that details of your lost animal can be recorded.
Check with local vets.
Check with neighbours. Ask them to look in their sheds, garages, and outbuildings.
Contact your local radio station to ask for an announcement to be made.
Find out if any deliveries have been made in your road (cats can jump in vans).
Speak to your postman - they have a good knowledge of animals in the area.
Download our 'lost' poster HERE , complete it and place in local shops, on notice boards etc.

Contact Pets Located

Pets Located is an independent online resource designed specifically to automatically and pro actively reunite missing pets with their owners.

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This website is one of the UK's leading resources offering a free service if you have found a pet. However, if you have lost your pet there is a fee starting at £5.00 per pet - with an option to renew for a further period at the end of the subscription. This is often recoverable if your pet is insured.

Our unique service continually, automatically matches lost cats, dogs, parrots (or any other pet) with animals which have been registered on the site as 'found' and e-mails owners as soon as a potential match is made.

For more information, visit the pets located website HERE