Our current selection of dogs available:

Please note:

1. The website is updated as often as possible, but all the information about an animal is subject to (often sudden) change due to factors such as - for example - reservation, behaviour of the animal and medical assessments. To avoid disappointment it is always best to check on the availability of an animal (by phone) before visiting the centre .

2. It would be a great help if you did NOT enquire about animals labelled “RESERVED”. Should the rehoming not go ahead the “RESERVED” label will be removed. If you are particularly interested in a reserved animal keep watching the website.

DOUGIE - 2 year old male JRT x Chihuahua

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Dougie is a lovely little boy who needs patient owners who will give him time to settle as he can be quite shy and a little unsure of sudden movements. Don’t let his size fool you though as he has lots of energy and will enjoy adventurous walks. He’ll make a great companion and will keep you smiling with his kind nature.

Dougie needs an adult only home. He could live with other dogs but not with cats.

COBY - 7 year old male JRT

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Coby is a happy chap who, despite being little, has a big personality. He’s a fairly active boy who enjoys his play time and walks and, because he can be a little unsure at times, he is looking for patient and understanding owners who will give him time to settle and feel at ease.

Coby would like to be the sole pet and live in an adult only home.

DAISY - 1 year old female Staffi

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Daisy came in to the centre as a stray so we haven’t any previous history on her.

Whilst in our care we have found her to be quite timid and under-socialised, so she will require an experienced home where new owners will continue to help her adjust to normal life and help her overcome her fears. In return, they will be rewarded with an affectionate, loyal girl.

Daisy is looking for an adult only home. She can possibly live with a dog but not a cat.

SHY - 13 years old female Staffordshire Bull Terrier

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Shy is a cute little girl who loves her creature comforts. Although we believe Shy is deaf she is house trained and will make an ideal friendly companion. She has met several dogs here at the centre and has been fine with them.

Shy can live with secondary school age children and prefers to be the only pet in the home.

MOOMIN - 5 years old female Mastiff X

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Meet Moomin, a dog with a great personality.

She arrived emaciated and with a bad skin condition but, with good care and attention plus lots of love, she has flourished, and now she enjoys time spent with her canine friends.

She has a nervous disposition so she is looking for that special someone who is patient and understanding and can offer her security so she gains confidence and enjoys a happy life. In return she will reward you with loyalty and devotion.

Moomin will be best placed in an adult only home where she will be the only pet.

BEN - 5 years old male Lurcher

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Ben is a sweet lad who all the staff think is rather handsome despite an injury sustained to his lower lip due to his unsettled background. However, he does not let this bother him and is now loving life.

He loves to play outdoors and, when all the fun is over, likes to relax. So, he is looking for a home that can offer all the love and home comforts he deserves.

He would benefit from an adult only home with Lurcher experience where he is the only pet. Please give us a call if you can give Ben a home.

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Benji is a young, affectionate boy who is looking for an understanding and dog experienced family.

He will require further training as he lacked early socialisation although during his time at the centre he has grown in confidence. Benji is still learning to get to know other dogs, and so a new owner will need to continue with socialisation and give him time to build his confidence.

Once he has bonded with that special someone he will be your friend for life and give you lots of cuddles.

Benji needs an adult only home where he will be the only pet.

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