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Please note:

1. The website is updated as often as possible, but all the information about an animal is subject to (often sudden) change due to factors such as - for example - reservation, behaviour of the animal and medical assessments. To avoid disappointment it is always best to check on the availability of an animal (by phone) before visiting the centre .

2. It would be a great help if you did NOT enquire about animals labelled “RESERVED”. Should the rehoming not go ahead the “RESERVED” label will be removed. If you are particularly interested in a reserved animal keep watching the website.

Two for One - The Centre will rehome two cats for one adoption fee if it is specified they must be rehomed together. However, this only applies to adult cats. If two kittens are adopted we offer 10% discount i.e. two kittens for a fee of £81 instead of £90. N.B. Having two cats is great fun but please bear in mind this does increase your vet bills!

Elderly Cat Special -If you wish to rehome any cat age 8 and over we will offer a 50% reduction in the adoption fee.

Feral cats - If you can offer a suitable rural situation for the relocation of feral cats see HERE

Indoor Cats - If a cat is suitable to be rehomed as an indoor cat it will be specified in their description.

OLIVE - 10 years old female DSH

(Click photo to enlarge)

Sweet and sassy Olive is seeking her forever home. This beautiful girl can be quite shy at first, but once you have made friends with her she opens up into a very affectionate and rather soppy cat.

Olive loves to play, especially with catnip, which she could play with for hours if snoozing wasn't so important! With a little time and patience we are sure Olive will make a lovely addition to the right family.

Olive can live with children of secondary school age, but would prefer to be the only cat in the home.

LOGAN and GIZMO - 1 year 7 months old male DSH

(Click photo to enlarge)

Please meet our dynamic duo, Gizmo and Logan. These brothers are very much bonded with one another and can often be seen asleep together having a little cuddle. Gizmo is the more confident of the pair and is usually first in line for a cuddle and some love, but Logan isn't far behind him. Once Logan has given you a good sniff he transforms into a very affectionate fella!

The boys are both so handsome and true gentle giants. We feel that these chaps would most benefit from a quieter home where they have time to settle and get used to their new loving family.

Logan and Gizmo are suitable to be in a home with secondary aged children and may live in a home with dogs.

MIDNIGHT - 1 year old male DSH

(Click photo to enlarge)

Be prepared to fall in love with the handsome Midnight. This boy enjoys exploring the cattery and, along the way, is always ready to receive some much needed fuss and attention. Midnight loves playing with his favourite toy, especially if it has a bit of cat nip on it, and, after all the fun and play, he likes to find a cosy, small place where he can get all snuggled up for a nap. Could you offer this dear little man a comfy place to call home?

Midnight can live with children of secondary school age, and possibly with another cat but no dogs please.

LOKI - 1 year old male DSH

(Click photo to enlarge)

We are delighted to introduce you to the king of the cats, Loki. This handsome chap keeps all the staff entertained here at the centre. Loki is full to the brim with energy so is looking for a home that will be able to accommodate such an active lad. Whilst Loki does love a fuss, this really needs to be on his terms whilst he builds his relationship with you. Dear Loki has found cattery life rather challenging so far and this has left him a little frustrated and anxious. We would now love to see him in a home with cat savvy owners that will give him love and affection and appreciate the need to progress at his own pace.

Loki truly is a sweet boy at heart and is always looking for attention from the staff. Loki deserves a chance with a family who will take the time to understand him and give him the home for life that this first class feline truly deserves.

Loki is looking for an adult only home with no dogs, where he would be the only cat.

PEACH and SABRINA - 5 years old female DSH

(Click photo to enlarge)

Please meet our beautiful best friends Sabrina and Peach! These girls are gorgeous and sweet but have unfortunately had a rough up-bringing which has left them fearful of people. The staff here have been spending lots of time with the girls and they are slowly learning to trust people. These two snuggle buddies are looking for 'cat savvy' owners who will understand their fearful nature and give them as much time and patience as they will need to help them to settle into their new home and a new life.

This adorable pair have a sweet and gentle nature and are usually found curled up together in a warm and comfy spot. These sweethearts are now looking and hoping for a second chance at life with a new family.

They need to be re-homed in an adult only home with no dogs, although they may be able to live with another cat.

MAX - 4 and a half years old male DSH

(Click photo to enlarge)

Max is a handsome chap who can be shy at first, so will need time to settle into his new home. However, once you gain his trust, he has a never ending supply of love and affection to give. His two favourite things in life are head bumps and relaxing in the sun.

Max will need 'cat savvy owners' who are prepared to give him all the time he needs to settle into a new home.

Max would require an adult only home with no dogs, although he may possibly be able to live with other cats in the property.

GEORGE - 4 and a half years old male DSH

(Click photo to enlarge)

Let us introduce you to George - he has a handsome face and a big personality and although he can be nervous to begin with, once he is confident with you he can be very loving and affectionate.

George will need 'cat savvy' owners who will understand and appreciate his needs as a shy cat and give him time to settle into his new home.

George is looking for an adult only home where he will be the only pet in the property.

MARTY and DYNAMO - 5 years old DSH and 3 years old DSH

(Click photo to enlarge)

Meet our handsome pair, Marty and Dynamo! These shy fellows haven't had the best start in life due to a lack of early socialisation. They are, however, very sweet and beginning to understand that a little gentle fuss and attention can be a positive experience. Marty and Dynamo are the best of friends and can often be found cuddled up together in the sun on their favourite squashy bed!

The right home for this stunning duo will need to be with experienced owners who can provide these deserving boys with patience, understanding and time to blossom - plus all the love they could want!

They need an adult only home together with no dogs.

TOULOUSE - 7 years old male DSH

(Click photo to enlarge)

Toulouse is a handsome lad with a lot to offer. He is very affectionate and loves human company but also has an independent side and likes either to be out exploring or perhaps take some time to relax, looking out of the window at the wonders of the world. One of his favourite toys is a tennis ball, especially if you put a bit of catnip on it!! After all this dear boy has been through, to become part of a caring, loving family would be a dream come true.

Toulouse could possibly live with a dog but he would prefer to be the only cat in the household.

CRUMBLE - 2 years old male DSH

(Click photo to enlarge)

Let us introduce you to our beautiful boy, Crumble! Crumble has had a tough start to life, but that hasn't stopped him being full of fun and completely adorable. Crumble loves nothing more than a good fuss and cuddle - he's also given the odd kiss to his favourite people.

Crumble is full of energy and loves to play with toys. This sweet boy deserves a chance of a proper life with a loving family who will show him what love really is.

Crumble could live in a family home with children, and possibly another cat and dog.

GRAHAM - 1 year old male DSH

(Click photo to enlarge)

Graham is a highly affectionate chap who finds himself here through no fault of his own. This handsome lad loves stretching out and chilling in the sun. However, he won't let any opportunity for cuddles and head bumps pass him by. He would make the perfect addition to any family.

Graham can live with children and dogs, but would prefer to be the only cat in the home.

BRIDIE - 5 years old female DSH

(Click photo to enlarge)

Say hello to the beautiful Bridie! Dear Bridie has come to the centre through no fault of her own and, since arriving, she has been the most perfect little feline. Bridie is super affectionate and adores cuddles

She loves to be perched on our laps having lots of attention. Bridie can be playful and cheeky at times, but we love this mischievous side to her. Once you meet this gorgeous girl, you'll be sure to fall in love.

Bridie could possibly live in a home with a dog or cat, and could live in a home with children.

MILO - 3 years old male DSH

(Click photo to enlarge)

Meet marvellous Milo, our happy go lucky, super affectionate cat. Milo is an absolute beauty and completely full of love, usually showering the staff and volunteers with kisses and cuddles. He really likes his home comforts and loves a belly rub! Chin tickles are a must for Milo and he will purr and 'head bump' to ask for more.

We recently discovered that dear Milo is FIV positive. Cats with FIV can live a perfectly normal life with a good life expectancy - you wouldn't really be able to tell they are any different to your average feline! It does just mean that Milo will need to be rehomed as an indoor cat - which will suit his fondness for lots of cuddles and long hours of snoozing! He will need lots of interaction and activities to fill his day and perhaps a secure outdoor enclosure. In return, Milo will make a wonderful and rewarding companion.

Milo truly is a one in a million cat who is a sweet natured, gentle giant now looking for the perfect family to give him the loving home he so desperately deserves. Milo would require an adult only household where he is the only pet.

Staff at the centre can provide more information on living with an FIV+ cat friend and how to provide them with a suitable indoor environment for a full and happy life.

MINNIE - 16 years old female DSH

(Click photo to enlarge)

Minnie is a beautiful, slightly mature lady who is now looking for a forever home where she can enjoy all the love she deserves. Once you see Minnie’s amazing eyes and get to know her friendly personality you are bound to fall in love with her.

Dear Minnie has got a couple of health conditions which are easily manageable and she is hoping that her potential new family will see that she will more than make up for this simply by being the sweet cat that she is!

Minnie would like an adult only home and to be the only pet.

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