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Please note:

1. The website is updated as often as possible, but all the information about an animal is subject to (often sudden) change due to factors such as - for example - reservation, behaviour of the animal and medical assessments. To avoid disappointment it is always best to check on the availability of an animal (by phone) before visiting the centre .

2. It would be a great help if you did NOT enquire about animals labelled “RESERVED”. Should the rehoming not go ahead the “RESERVED” label will be removed. If you are particularly interested in a reserved animal keep watching the website.

Two for One - The Centre will rehome two cats for one adoption fee if it is specified they must be rehomed together. However, this only applies to adult cats. If two kittens are adopted we offer 10% discount i.e. two kittens for a fee of £81 instead of £90. N.B. Having two cats is great fun but please bear in mind this does increase your vet bills!

Elderly Cat Special -If you wish to rehome any cat age 8 and over we will offer a 50% reduction in the adoption fee.

Feral cats - If you can offer a suitable rural situation for the relocation of feral cats see HERE

Indoor Cats - If a cat is suitable to be rehomed as an indoor cat it will be specified in their description.

WHOOPI - 3 year old female DSH

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Whoopi is a sprightly cat with energy and zest. She has a playful and mischievous character but is also friendly and loving with a happy-go-lucky nature.

Whoopi is looking for a home where she can receive plenty of fuss and love, which she deserves.

Whoopi can live with children of primary school age. She can live with dogs and she is suitable to live with other cats.

LEONARD and CHIP - 5 and 2 year old male DSH

(Click photo to enlarge)

Meet Leonard and Chip – two handsome fellas who are the best of pals and so are looking for a special home together.

Both boys need a little time to get to know people but, once that bond is formed, their beautiful individual characters really shine through. Leonard is slinky and sleek with a clever personality and a playful and adventurous side, whilst Chip is an extremely lovable and gentle character who shows his inner kitten by rolling over to encourage more fuss.

MARTHA - 10 year old female DSH

(Click photo to enlarge)

This beautiful mature lady deserves only the best for her twilight years. Martha is a wonderfully affectionate cat who loves to give a lot of head bumps and enjoys human company.

She loves her creature comforts and would love nothing more than a warm lap, with endless amount of love, to curl up on.

Martha needs an adult (16+) home and needs to be the only pet in the home.

TAMMY and SOOTY - 6 and 4 year old female DSH cats

(Click photos to enlarge)

Meet Tammy and Sooty – two feline pals who are looking for a home together. They arrived at the centre through no fault of their own and have lived together for 4 years and have a good little friendship going.

Tammy is the older of the two and has a quiet, shy and sweet personality. She is undemanding and a gentle soul.

Sooty is the younger chirpy one who loves to talk to you and is very affectionate. Both girls lived with a small dog in their previous home and so could possibly live with another in their new home. As long as it is calm and used to cats.

They can live with children of secondary school age or older and can possibly live with a dog.

WILLOW - 4 year old female DSH

(Click photo to enlarge)

This pretty lady is Willow, a real adventurer that loves to explore, particularly outside!

Willow is a cool, confident kitty that loves spending time with her human companions. She would love a home with new owners who have time to play with her and with who she can snuggle up warm and cosy in the evening.

Willow would prefer to be the only pet in the home and she could live with children of secondary school age or older.

SOCKS and FLASH - 8 year old male DSH cats

(Click photos to enlarge)

Meet the Centre’s most dashing lads, Socks and Flash!

Despite not having the best start, these guys have flourished into confident, affectionate adventurers! Socks and Flash are the best of friends and are always together, whether playing, eating or sleeping. They would love to join a family that can give them lots of time and space to explore and, best of all, a comfy lap to sit on and enjoy a good cuddle.

Socks and Flash may be able to live with a friendly dog and they can live with children of any age.

RALPH - 5 year old male DSH

(Click photo to enlarge)

Ralph is a very handsome boy. He has an independent and strong character and loves to explore his surroundings. Ralph is very chirpy and loves to chat away to you, more so when food is involved. This dashing young boy is such a little sweetheart and will make anyone smile especially with the way he greets his friends with a little head bump followed by lots of kisses. You could spend hours with Ralph just enjoying his company and all the love and cuddles he has to give.

Ralph can live with children 16 years of age or older. He may be able to live with another cat but cannot live with dogs.

SOX - 3 years old male DSH

(Click photo to enlarge)

Sox is a lovely lad who hasn’t had the most settled start in life. With understanding new owners that are able to give him time to settle into his new surroundings, Sox will be an affectionate, confident new addition! He would love a home where he can have lots of TLC and a lovely comfy igloo to snuggle in.

Sox needs an adult only home and will need to be the only pet.

KITTY - 3 year old female DSH

(Click photo to enlarge)

Kitty is a sweet soul that has settled in with us very quickly. She likes to show off her beautiful coat by rolling around for attention. Although Kitty needs to be the only pet in the home, she is a very inquisitive young lady and loves nothing more than fuss and to play. Kitty will make a fantastic addition to her new forever home.

Kitty can live with secondary school aged children and will need to be the only pet in the home.

ESME - 2 year old female Domestic Short Hair

(Click photo to enlarge)

Esme is a beautiful ‘tortie’ with lots to say. She’s an independent girl who rules the roost! Esme is very enthusiastic when it comes to feed times but also enjoys spending her time curled up in her igloo. She’s an inquisitive young lady requiring patient, loving owners who can provide a new home to explore and call her own.

Esme needs to live in an adult only household and will need to be the only pet in the home.

ALBERT - 2 year old male DSH

(Click photo to enlarge)

Albert arrived here at the centre looking a bit unkept and in need of some rest and shelter. He now looks a rather dapper and handsome fellow who enjoys his home comforts very much. He is a mellow, friendly and an independent kind of guy, who enjoys some fuss and attention in equal measures. Albert is looking for a loving home where he can show his new owners his appreciation by giving lots of head bumps and loving company.

Albert is looking for a home where he is the only pet and with children of a secondary school age and above.

HENRY - 1 year old male DSH

(Click photo to enlarge)

Henry is a gentle soul. He has a lot of love to give to a family with the time and patience to let him blossom at his own pace.

Henry loves to watch the world go by from the comfort of his little igloo. He may benefit from a confident feline companion to show him the world isn’t such a scary place. If you have a quiet little Henry sized spot in your home and family, there is a beautiful little man here waiting for your love.

Henry can live with children of secondary school age or older. He could live with another cat but cannot live with dogs.

(Click photo to enlarge)

These beautiful kittens were born at the Centre and are now ready to start their next adventure.

Lucky and Misty have been adopted, but Mittens and Cracken are looking for a home as a pair. They can live with children of any age and are able to live with a dog.

TIM - 5 year old male DSH

(Click photo to enlarge)

Tim is a very handsome boy with an endearing personality and appearance. Dear little Tim had to have his tail removed due to an injury. He hasn’t let this affect his chirpy and bubbly character. Despite all Tim has gone through he is an extremely affectionate chap who enjoys lots of attention. He loves to chatter away to you and his feline neighbours especially when it’s dinnertime.

Anyone who meets Tim will fall head over heels in love with everything about him. He is looking for a family who has an endless supply of love and affection to give. Tim can live with 11 year old children or older, another cat and possibly a friendly dog.

BERNIE - 5 year old male DSH

(Click photo to enlarge)

Bernie is a very good looking cat with his big green eyes that just draw you in. He his calm and has a lovely temperament. He can be fairly shy to start with but it doesn’t take him long to come out of his shell. When Bernie is at his most confident he loves to show off his innocent yet boyish charm.

Bernie likes to go exploring but in his own time usually to go in search of attention or to see if his dinner is ready. He is a big softy at heart and is in need of a new family who can help him become more confident.

Bernie can live with secondary age children or older and possibly a female cat. He is not able to live with a dog.

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